HugoPaquete / Noise and chaos
Hugo Paquete (b 1979) Intermedia and sound artist, which in his research uses concepts about space, entropy, noise and microtonality as a visual and audible ecosystem according to spatial and psychological characteristics, (acoustic, architectonic, sculptural, perspective, communicative, evocative and environmental). The result is an audible interaction, open and indeterminate to the present time scales nano and macro in an ontological level. Territory of hyper-sensation and experimentation, observation and enclose the body in the listening act, turning it active and explored referential and resonator propulsive in a psycho-acoustic level. In his works he uses technical elements and practices from the field recording to computer generated sound synthesizing and audio spacialization. Denoting interest in stochastic probabilities between computer algorithmic and programming interaction with software and object oriented composition and performative expression.
Noise and chaos into a singular emergent meaning

19 plays

Hugo Paquete drum fx 2011 and 2012

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